Rosie Simpson Event: Reflections on the 1963 CPS Boycott

Date: September 26, 2017
Location: Cortelyou Commons

Egan Office of Urban Education and Community Partnership presents CHICAGO AS A MOSAIC Speaker Series event…

Rosie SimpsonĀ 

In 1963, black parents in Chicago demanded that their children have access to the same type of learning facilities as their white counterparts. Schools in African American communities were seriously over crowded. Rather than integrating existing public schools or building new ones, Superintendent Benjamin C. Willis brought in mobile schools known as “Willis Wagons.” Black parents throughout Chicago refused to have their students learn in inferior facilities and organized the 1963 CPS Boycott. One of those parents was Rosie Simpson.

Rosie led a series of protests at the site in Englewood where the Willis wagons were to be placed. She is a great example of what it means for parents to mobilize and disrupt structures and actions that seek to disempower them and disenfranchise their children.

Co-sponsored by: African and Black Diaspora Studies Program, Women’s and Gender Studies Department , Latin American and Latino Studies Department , the Center for Black Diaspora, and the Women’s Center.